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杜克大学(Duke University)是世界顶级的研究型大学也是美国最优秀的私立大学之一,名列2021泰晤士高等教育世界大学排名第20位。本项目旨在为学生提供一流的科研能力培养,顺利完成项目可获得第四课堂学分(+2)、国际化模块学分(+3)和三年级短学期《项目实习》学分(+2),请有兴趣的同学认真准备报名材料积极申报!

导师Maciej A. Mazurowski简介:

I am an Associate Professor of Radiology, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Computer science and Biostatistics and Bioinformatics at Duke University. I am also the Scientific Director of the Duke Center for Artificial Intelligence in Radiology.

My main research focus is development of machine learning algorithms and their application in medical imaging. We work on a wide range of applications, including breast cancer, brain cancer, thyroid cancer, musculoskeletal imaging and other. Our recent technical work in algorithm development and evaluation includes 3D pyramid pooling in convolutional neural networks, style transfer for image harmonization, and class imbalance in deep learning.

Some of the contributions of my lab have been in the area of imaging-based cancer biomarkers and radiogenomics. Specifically, we showed that algorithmically-extracted imaging features can be used to predict patient outcomes and tumor genomics in breast and brain cancers.

The general goal of my lab is to combine rigorous algorithm development with the highest significance of the solved problems. Toward this goal, the lab members represent both, scientific and medical tracks and have included graduate and undergraduate students, postdoctoral associates, medical residents and fellows, medical students, and visiting scholars. We also work with physicians representing different medical specialties including radiology, medical oncology, surgical oncology, orthopedic surgery, and pediatrics.

I share my work in invited talks in academic and governmental agency settings. I also contribute my more general/philosophical thoughts on the future and ethics of AI in medicine in opinion papers for scientific journals.

My work has been sponsored by the National Institutes of Health, The US Deparment of Defense, Radiological Society of North America, industry, and Duke internal competitive grants.


Google scholar:


Our group mainly focuses on projects related to medical imaging and deep learning.

Currently, we are working on projects such as medical-oriented determination of the severity of knee osteoarthritis, detection and diagnosis of scoliosis, and detection of breast cancer, etc.

We also have broader medical-related computer vision technical projects, such as anomaly detection, improving generalization of models, dealing with imbalance problem in medical images, etc.


Interns joining our group can participate in either application-oriented or theory-oriented projects depending on their interests.


Students need to have a basic knowledge of python programming, some background knowledge of machine learning or deep learning and image processing, preferably with some research experience, and a good level of English communication and writing skills.


7-9or 5-9 月,看学生自己安排